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Materfad Materials Centre in Barcelona performs a research and technological surveillance task in the field of new materials and provides consultancy and training services for companies, professionals, universities and technology centres. Its aim is to facilitate technological transfer between widely different sectors such as biotechnology, construction, transport or textiles, among others.


In its Spanish showroom located in the Design Hub Barcelona,  Materfad presents a wide range  of materials samples (biomaterials, ceramics, composites, polymers, etc.). Materfad is part of FAD – Fostering Arts and Design, a private, independent and non-profit association that seeks to promote design and architecture in the country’s cultural and economic life.


Materfad also promotes the building up  of an international network of affiliated centres, thanks to the collaboration, until now,  with Aguascalientes Autonomous University (Mexico), the University of Valparaiso (Chile) Pontificia Bolivariana University of Medellin (Colombia) and MIND (Mexico).

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«Materialism European Tour»

60 samples of European  advanced materials

Materialism European Tour is an exhibition focused on European competitiveness, designed to educate and inspire creative industry by displaying 60+ advanced materials chosen from material families that drive today’s innovation: active materials, nano materials, advanced manufacturing, high-performance polymers, light alloys, gels & foams, coatings, advanced composites, advanced textiles and fibers.

The exhibition has been staged as part of the DAMADEI project (Design & Advanced Materials As a Driver of European Innovation), co-organized by Materfad Materials Centre Barcelona, Happy Materials in Prague and the Copenhagen Danish Design Centre, and funded with support from the European Commission. The 2013 tour took in London (Roca Gallery), Copenhagen (Danish Design Centre), Prague (Faculty of Architecture) and finally Barcelona at the new FAD – Fostering Arts and Design headquarters, the Disseny Hub Barcelona.

The exhibition can be presented in different ways and the display furniture may vary as well but the exhibited material remains the same. The advanced material samples and some graphic elements are what the exhibition is about: 60 samples classified into 9 categories. An informative panel for each category plus another one to explain what is meant by “Advanced Material”. Each sample is displayed with its technical data, full identification of the supplier and a QR code for any further information. All texts are in English. A laptop can also be connected to the DAMADEI website to allow direct access to a comprehensive data base specialized in advanced materials (designers, technology centres, suppliers and connecting centres).

Materfad (Barcelona, Spain), Danish Design Centre (Copenhagen, Denmark), Happy Materials (Prague, Czech Republic) and Chris Lefteri Design Ltd. (London, UK)

Travel operator
Materfad (Barcelona, Spain)

Type of exhibition
Advanced materials, Advanced technology

2014 onwards

Touring exhibition content
. 60 +  advanced material samples divided into 9 thematic families,  detailed  list of samples (includes unit number, formats and codes to identify every sample and determine exhibition lay out and expositive requirements)
. Graphic digital information : drop shaped data sheets including description of each material , technical data, supplier and QR code to connect directly for further information, 1 informative panel for each category, 1 informative panel explaining what is meant by “Advanced material”. All material is in English.
. Around 100 sketches produced during workshops (original languages)
. 4 documentaries about workshop session (original languages)

Approx. 1, 27 m3 – 35 Kg

Space requirement
100-200 sqm.

Loan duration
2 months maximum (between departure from origin and departure to next venue or origin). Conditions for longer loan upon request.

Not published.
Conditions for co-publishing formulas in any language might be explored.

Associated events
On occasion of its previous travels, the “Materialism European Tour” exhibition has successfully been associated with an event bringing together designers, experts and suppliers that turned out to be a unique interactive platform for stakeholders to explore new applications for advanced materials. The sketches resulting from these creative workshops  have enriched the exhibition itself with new ideas and applications, and can optionally be included in the proposed exhibition. The organization of such an associated event as a workshop or symposium can also be studied upon request, independently or related to the exhibition.

Final Report

Original version in English currently sold out.
Re-publication in English, A5 format (14,85 cm x 21 cm), 168 p., 500 copies.  Estimated cost: 5 000 €.
Other conditions can be studied, such as co-publishing in other languages including featuring the republishing partner on back cover.

More info about the context of the exhibition
Design & Advanced Materials As a Driver of European Innovation web site

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Valérie Bergeron, Materials library manager, Materfad Barcelona