About Materfad

Materfad Materials Centre in Barcelona performs a research and technological surveillance task in the field of new materials and provides consultancy and training services for companies, professionals, universities and technology centres. Its aim is to facilitate technological transfer between widely different sectors such as biotechnology, construction, transport or textiles, among others.


In its Spanish showroom located in the Design Hub Barcelona,  Materfad presents a wide range  of materials samples (biomaterials, ceramics, composites, polymers, etc.). Materfad is part of FAD – Fostering Arts and Design, a private, independent and non-profit association that seeks to promote design and architecture in the country’s cultural and economic life.


Materfad also promotes the building up  of an international network of affiliated centres, thanks to the collaboration, until now,  with Aguascalientes Autonomous University (Mexico), the University of Valparaiso (Chile) Pontificia Bolivariana University of Medellin (Colombia) and MIND (Mexico).

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Materfad. Barcelona’s materials centre
Pl. de les Glòries Catalanes, 37-38
(Disseny Hub Barcelona Building)
08018 Barcelona (Spain)

+34 932 566 781


«What’s next?»
Materials that will shape the future

As a result of the technological surveillance performed by the Materfad materials centre, a selection of advanced materials that represent a breakthrough in design, engineering and architecture is being exhibited at the Disseny Hub Barcelona.

Materfad gathers together and exhibits:

— Samples of advanced materials and technologies of international origin.

— Snapshots of companies, professionals, designers, connecting centres and technology centres engaged in advanced materials and technologies to generate innovation.

— Projects and research work by schools and universities.

Advanced materials

An advanced material is any material that, through the precise control of its composition and internal structure, features a series of exceptional properties (mechanical, electrical, optical, magnetic, etc.) or functionalities (self-repairing, shape change, decontamination, transformation of energy, etc.) that differentiates it from the rest of the universe of materials; or any that, when transformed through advanced manufacturing techniques, features such properties or functionalities.

All materials and projects on display belong to 10 families of materials that are leading innovation today:

Exhibition details

The exhibition is running since March 2015 at the -1 floor of Disseny Hub Barcelona.


Research, documentation and drafting of texts

Javier Peña, PhD in Chemical Science, scientific director of Materfad
Valérie Bergeron, Architect, director of Materfad’s materials library
Iván Rodríguez, Materials Engineer, materials researcher at Materfad


Project submission: please contact Iván Rodríguez at irodriguez@fad.cat

Sponsorship: please contact Gemma Esteban at gesteban@fad.cat

General information: please contact info@materfad.com